Anavar Cycle And Some More Bad Exercises

One of the best arguments people who exercise all the time has is this…which exercises are good for you and which exercises are bad for you? The debate will not be concluded here, however what we are going to be talking about further is five exercises that are actually bad for you, despite the labeling of them being good for you. So, as we kick of this five exercise countdown with number one, let the continuous debate rage on because here are five more exercises to be a part of the discussion.

#1: Rebound Box Jumps

Rebound box jumps are essentially a way to build explosive performance, but studies have shown that there is no potential to build any real athletic prowess from the exercise. If you plan on continuing with this Achilles tendon destroying exercise, the best thing you can do for any athletic gains at all is to use your arms to their fullest extent.

#2: Jumping Jack Press

This exercise sees the person doing jumping jacks while holding weights in their hands, which studies have shown will help destroy your knees in rather quick fashion. There is so little athletic gain to doing this exercise that if the trainer you are using recommends doing them, you should get out of the gym and hire a new trainer right away.

#3: Assisted Pull Ups

The assisted pull ups may be the biggest waste of time ever in the exercising world, because there is no athletic or physical performance gains at all with this supposed exercise. For those who have never seen this exercise in action before, essentially one person will perform the act of a push up as the trainer or helper does the majority of the work by actually pushing them up from underneath, thus the person doing the push up actually gains nothing from the exercise. You can always try clen for sale as well as known as Clenbuterol for sale to push yourself

#4: Partial/Half Squats

While full squats are one of the best exercises one can do at home or at the gym, the partial/half squats are quad destroying exercises at best. The reason that the partial/half squats are jeered by many in the exercising universe is that they only workout the quads, while neglecting the other muscles that full squats were intended to workout. Clenbuterol steroid can help you burn fat way faster and you can always get Clenbuterol cheaper.

#5: Improper Wall Ball Tosses

A medicine ball is one of the most used pieces of exercise equipment and that is for good reason because when used properly, it can be one of the best exercises in the gym. However, when you use the medicine ball for wall ball tosses and you do them improperly, you are going to injure your lower back and knees, instead of improving your body.

There are only a grand total of five examples on this list of some of the debatable worst exercises that one can do, while there are a seemingly unending amount of them to debate over, the one thing that cannot be debated is that when doing the best exercises, your body will be turned from a fat mess into a fantastic piece of art.

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